wailing_wailord likes to draw :]

howdy! i suppose this is my art thread. i will make everything look a little bit nicer later. or maybe not (probably not).


current profile picture. quick little doodle i decided to make right before making this thread! i love iron bundle so much he's just a silly little robot guy.


my entry for the arts & culture background contest from this year. decided to go out of my comfort zone and paint from start to finish without sketching or linework, and i'm so happy with how it turned out! the winners and all the other entries from the contest looked so nice as well.

for context, this is a route from gen4 that i vaguely remember from my childhood. there was always a strong snowstorm and i remember you encountered a lot of meditite there.


this is another entry for a ps room contest. i remember that this was for the Pokemon Games room's treasure hunt competition! i believe the prompt was something along the lines of "your favorite memory of pokemon", so i decided to paint a battle between my older sister and i with the b&w boxart legends. it was both of our first time playing pokemon games, and is probably one of my most vivid childhood memories with my sister.


little game corner jirachi :)


iron valiant is my second favorite paradox pokemon, after bundle. this will probably be left to rot in the WIP pile, but whatever.


just two buds playing poker. true (gc) nerds will know what they're playing.


scene redraw from steven universe! i love garnet sm.


...very...shameless trafalgar law fanart.


i was sooo obsessed with the heartstopper comics when the pandemic rolled around. i haven't gotten around to watching the show, though.


din and grogu! i loved the mandalorian. haven't watched the newer stuff because i heard it's bad, unfortunately. i'll choose to remember it as something good and keep myself in the dark.

i have some more stuff, but i'm not as proud of it anymore, haha. i'll try to remember to post updates when i draw something. oh and shoutout to froz for telling me to make this thread!
i've been trying my hand at spriting recently! it's really fun. tricky to express the right details with so little pixels. practicing this more is definitely something i need to do. here's my fav kobeni with darkrai because i think they're a funny pairing lol


she's terrified. i would love if any experienced spriters could give me any tips! :blobthumbsup:

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